A tasty way to teach new tricks!

Perfect Trainers are the ideal treat for any dog that wants to get a little more out of life. The delicious aroma of these soft and chewy treats makes learning new tricks a breeze.

Premium, HEALTHY ingredients

grown on American farms.

Perfect Trainers Ingredients

Barley flour, molasses (cane), potato starch, water, xanthan gum, vegetable glycerin, lactic acid, cultured whey, natural grilled chicken and cheese flavors, salt.

Feeding Guidelines

Favorite Treat of Jimmy

“Thank you very much for making your Perfect Trainers treats! My sweet, happy, 14-year-old basset hound may not see or hear as well as he used to, but his snout still works like a champ! I grab a few treats and hide them around the house or yard and tell him to use his sniffer. And away he goes! Tail wagging and eyes shining, he loves looking for his Perfect Trainers! Jimmy just loves them!”
- Deirdre S.