Perfect for any palate!

Softies are perfect for older dogs, small dogs, or any dog with a sensitive palate. Our all natural treats are baked soft so they are easy to chew and digest.

Premium, HEALTHY ingredients

grown on American farms.

Softies Ingredients

Unbleached wheat flour, blackstrap molasses (cane), molasses (cane), peanut butter, palm oil, glycerin, whole wheat flour, oats, whey, salt, natural peanut butter flavor, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), egg powder, lecithin, brewer's dried yeast.

Feeding Guidelines

Favorite Treat of Ralph

“Ralph watches my other two dogs get your crunchy treats and he looked so sad not having any because they are harder to chew. I would give him chicken, but he was not big on it. Then one day I found your soft treats and Ralph is in heaven when he gets one! He prances to the couch and eats it all up while the other two dogs munch on the hard ones. Thank you for making treats that a toothless beagle can enjoy!
- Tami B.