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Going to be at SuperZoo in Las Vegas this June? We'd love for you to stop by and say hi! We will be located in booth 1035, and we'd love to show you our new chicken treats and booth. We can't wait!


If you haven't noticed, Blue Dog Bakery has had a bit of a makeover. From our new Meat Snack packaging to our trade show booth, our look has gotten an update—but are treats are still as tasty as ever! Please browse our website to learn more about our perfect rewards for your perfect pooch.


June 2018

Congratulations to Mickie, our Blue Dog of the Month!

To be the Blue Dog of the Month is to be a happy dog who loves tasty treats. June's Blue Dog of the Month loves Doggie Paws because they are the perfect fit for her stomach! Check out some more fun facts about this month’s winner.

Mickie, American Staffordshire

How we met: We met three days after Mickie was hit by a car and her owners were giving her up.

Loves to: She loves sitting out on the deck in the summer. Letting the sun warm her while she naps or chews on a toy and getting pets. She can sit there for hours... or until one of the other pups intrude!

Most often gets rewarded for: Being cute, diaper changes and doing her little hop dance

Favorite activity to do together: She enjoys getting in the car and going out and about. Whether to work, street fairs, even the vet... she just smiles from ear to ear being around activity.

Something most people don't know about her: Being hit by a car and dumped by her family in the same week never dampened her spirit. She has always been full of life, even when life has been a little hard.

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