When it comes to keeping our dogs happy and healthy, we want to make sure there are no questions left unanswered. To help you save time, take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Your products say “Made in USA,” but where do you source your ingredients?

We do our best to only source the highest quality ingredients from the USA. Otherwise, certain spices and other ingredients not commonly found domestically are sourced from the best suppliers worldwide. We never source any ingredients from China and never anything that we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves!

My dog is allergic to chicken/beef/pork. Does this mean he or she cannot eat your treats?

All Blue Dog Bakery treats, with the exception of our Beef and Chicken snacks, are vegetarian. Meaty flavors used in the Biscuits and Soft & Chewy treats are derived from vegetable oil and do not contain animal meat.

My dog has sensitivities to wheat. Do you have any wheat free treats?

Yes! For dogs with grain sensitivities, we recommend our Grain Free Biscuits, Grain Free Paws, and our Chicken and Beef meat snacks. Another option would be our Perfect Trainers, which are corn, soy, and wheat free.

What is the right serving size of treats for my dog?

Serving size varies based on size, exercise level, and health condition of your dog. We encourage you to speak with your vet for recommended daily servings. Treats should always be used as a snack or reward and never a meal replacement. Always provide plenty of fresh water.

I can't find my dog’s favorite treats at my local store. Where can I find them?

Try our new product locator to find a store near you or an online retailer! Simply select your dog’s favorite treats and enter in your ZIP code or buy online.

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