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When we started baking our treats, the dog treat industry was dominated by big corporations and poor quality ingredients. We remember walking through the grocery aisle dismayed by the lack of healthy treat alternatives. We were determined to find a way to treat better, and the first step in that was obtaining premium ingredients.


That simple thought—fresh-baked, healthy, and delicious treats—is what drove us to start Blue Dog Bakery in 1998. Ten years later, we were the first all-natural, premium, and low fat dog treat option to be nationally distributed wherever you buy groceries.

Treats for All

Today, we continue to celebrate our founding vision by never wavering from our commitment to all-natural, healthy treats. We’ve expanded our line to include treats of all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors so that all dogs can enjoy an always rewarding Blue Dog Bakery treat.


We’ve been baking tasty and healthy treats for over 20 years, and we’ve had some rewarding moments ourselves along the way!

Who's your Blue Dog?

Does your dog's tongue water when it sees one of our treats? Do you want your dog featured as next month's Blue Dog of the Month? Visit the Community page to fill out a quick questionnaire with your dog's bio and submit a photo for a chance to get a selection of treats sent your way!